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Carmen G. Kanapi, PhD.

p>CARMEN G. KANAPI, PhD., is one of the more popular personages in Philippine Academia. She was the first geneticist in the country to have earned her PhD. in Zoology major in Genetics from the University of Texas in Austin and pre-doctoral studies in Human Genetics at the John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Probably one of the highlights of Dr. Kanapi's career at UST was her six-year Deanship at the UST Graduate School. Her term may be considered as a period of dynamic transformation, wherein new curricular programs, foremost of which are the MBA and the Human Resource Management, were introduced. The Linguistic program, likewise, underwent revision. She brought in new expertise in the Graduate School through her involvement in professional organizations like the National Research Council of the Philippines and the Philippine Association of Graduate Education. She also created the Office for Graduate Research and organized the UST Alumni Association in Korea, eventually receiving a Medal of Honor for Peace and Welfare Through Education from the Kyung Hee University in Seoul.

In 1982, Dr. Kanapi was transferred back to the College of Science as Dean. Her signature achievement was the accreditation of the College of Science, the first undergraduate college in the University to be accredited and the only college re-accredited to level 3 status. It was also under her administration that faculty development became more rigorous. The College, today, boasts of having the most number of resident PhD.s in the University. At the peak of her deanship, which lasted for 14 years, she brought fame and recognition to the College of Science through her involvement in various organizations in her capacity as Board Member and Treasurer of the Philippine Association of College and Universities -Commission on Accreditation; Executive Secretary of the Asian Association for Biology Education, Vice President of the Philippine Association for the Advancement of Science and President of the Biology Teachers Association of the Philippines.


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