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Mr. Leonardo A. Riingen

Leonardo Riingen is only 41 years old and has already contributed immensely to improving information technology (IT) training and education in the Philippines. When you think of Informatics, "the computer school in the mall ", Riingen is the man behind it.

Leo graduated from the UST High School in 1980, and went to the University of the Philippines to pursue a degree in Economics, graduating Cum Laude in 1984.At that time, he was already interested in FT. To satisfy his growing interest for technology, he took up computer courses at the National Computer Institute. Desiring for more academic training, he went to the University of Wales in U.K. where he obtained his Master in Business Administration in 2003. Now that he was into the IT education and training business, he decided to enroll at the University of California-Berkeley, USA and took up Strategies and Technologies ofe-Business.

Riingen came up with the idea that an Information Technology training should be made available to people. That is why you will find his school, Informatics Computer Institute, in the malls, which has now over 40 centers nationwide in a span of nine years and has trained more than 200,000 students. That is the innovative and creative, if not a proactive way of making business and fulfilling his dream of making IT acces¬sible to the people.

Currently, he is President / CEO of Informatics Holdings, Phils., Inc., the Master Franchise Holder of Informatics Computer Institute, one of the well-known providers of IT training and education in Singapore. Another business that he runs is CAL Holdings, Phils., Inc., Master Franchise Holder of CAL Computer School, Cambridge Childcare Holdings, Phils., Inc., Master Franchise Holder of Cambridge Child Development Center.

His business interests do not stop there. He is President, Executive Director, General Manager, Chair, Director and Executive Director of various companies that are primarily on telecommunications and IT. With the growth of Informatics Computer Institute, the school has received the Top Computer Learning Center award from the National Consumers Quality Awards for 2002 and 2003 for his effort to improve the quality of IT training and education in the Philippines.

Utilizing his education in U.K., he applied the ladderized program in IT, patterned after the British education system, to allow students to learn skills and make them immediately employable. Also, he designed and customized IT training programs and curriculum for companies and government offices to give learners a comprehensive, organization-wide IT training. To make the IT education and training that his schools offer at par with international standards, his schools boast of international courses validated by the world's leading IT qualification awarding bodies; and maintains affilia¬tions with IT industry technology frontrunners.

The young IT entrepreneur was born on April 11, 1984 in Manila. He is married and a father to three children, the inheritors of his passion for information technology education and training.


  • TOTAL Awards 2006 Souvenir Program
    17 February 2006, UST Central Seminary Gymnasium